New National ID Card

At this time we only have one actual national ID card, the Social Security Card. This card will unfortunately be worthless in the next 10 to 15 years do to the bankruptcy of the social security system. I believe we need to start a new national ID card. This card would be given to babies at birth, It would have there Foot print in it and could be updated with fingerprints later on in life. This card would be used to determine A. Citizenship. B. Identity. and other important things. It could have an update-able Chip that needed a scanner to activate, along with a finger print to access. we could use it to Vote, cash checks, prove who we are. It could replace the drivers license because it could be updated with any info needed. Police could have scanners in there vehicles to ID drivers. A fingerprint would access the files. Not match and you know this isn’t the person the card states.  It would prove the right to vote. It could be used to match parents to new born children at hospitals.  It could store vital info for hospitals to use in the case of emergencies, such as allergies, health history, diseases, surgeries, etc. considering the amount of money we spend yearly on different types of ID’s wouldn’t one really smart ID help and save millions. As well this ID could keep fraud down, illegal use of resource’s down. Who knows! what do you think?


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