Illegle = Illegle

Sometimes we forget the true meaning of words. In the case of illegal aliens we not only forgot the meaning, but we re wrote it. This country needs to remember the true meaning and start enforcing the laws. If we continue to act as though it dosn’t mean what it really means we will be lost.

In the last 20 years we have completely forgotten what this country was built on. We were a nation of immigrants, legal and documented immigrants. we chose who and when people entered our country, we also chose the rules surrounding them. Now we are a country of appeasers, we are allowing certain factions of our population to decide what is right and what is wrong, regardless of the laws. Our education system, as bad as it is, is falling apart and going bankrupt. Our health care system is the greatest in the world, but now we are slowly bleeding it to death. This is not a partisan situation, both political groups are offenders. We are foolish enough to give away our liberties and freedoms to people who break one of our most fundamental laws just by them being here.  Wake up America! we need to protect our selves and our families futures by stopping this illegal act.  One day we will all wake up and find we are a minoerity in our own country and the new majority will be taxing us to death and using our sweat and hard work to fund their own selfish wants.   



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