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Illegle = Illegle

March 18, 2007

Sometimes we forget the true meaning of words. In the case of illegal aliens we not only forgot the meaning, but we re wrote it. This country needs to remember the true meaning and start enforcing the laws. If we continue to act as though it dosn’t mean what it really means we will be lost.

In the last 20 years we have completely forgotten what this country was built on. We were a nation of immigrants, legal and documented immigrants. we chose who and when people entered our country, we also chose the rules surrounding them. Now we are a country of appeasers, we are allowing certain factions of our population to decide what is right and what is wrong, regardless of the laws. Our education system, as bad as it is, is falling apart and going bankrupt. Our health care system is the greatest in the world, but now we are slowly bleeding it to death. This is not a partisan situation, both political groups are offenders. We are foolish enough to give away our liberties and freedoms to people who break one of our most fundamental laws just by them being here.  Wake up America! we need to protect our selves and our families futures by stopping this illegal act.  One day we will all wake up and find we are a minoerity in our own country and the new majority will be taxing us to death and using our sweat and hard work to fund their own selfish wants.   



New National ID Card

March 17, 2007

At this time we only have one actual national ID card, the Social Security Card. This card will unfortunately be worthless in the next 10 to 15 years do to the bankruptcy of the social security system. I believe we need to start a new national ID card. This card would be given to babies at birth, It would have there Foot print in it and could be updated with fingerprints later on in life. This card would be used to determine A. Citizenship. B. Identity. and other important things. It could have an update-able Chip that needed a scanner to activate, along with a finger print to access. we could use it to Vote, cash checks, prove who we are. It could replace the drivers license because it could be updated with any info needed. Police could have scanners in there vehicles to ID drivers. A fingerprint would access the files. Not match and you know this isn’t the person the card states.  It would prove the right to vote. It could be used to match parents to new born children at hospitals.  It could store vital info for hospitals to use in the case of emergencies, such as allergies, health history, diseases, surgeries, etc. considering the amount of money we spend yearly on different types of ID’s wouldn’t one really smart ID help and save millions. As well this ID could keep fraud down, illegal use of resource’s down. Who knows! what do you think?

Mc Kean is nuts

March 17, 2007

Back in 2000 John Mc Kean ran for president and LOST. Why? he is a RINO. Mc Kean has went against our President way to many time to be a contender. He was the main factor in destroying what could have been the greatest Senate debate and Republican triumph in history. He led the group of idiots that failed to push The Demo Craps to try to use Filla Busting against appointments to the Superior Court. That would have been a great debate and in the end the Republicans would have prevailed. The constitution does not list appointments to the Supreme Court as filla buster approved usage. Read it and see! Mc Kean is one of the dopes in this Country that feel we need to combined a package deal with closing the border & the 12. Million Illegals here already. First lets close the border, This should have been done the day after 911 at the latest. Mistake #1. Then once we shut off the flood gate we can adopt new legislation, or just  force illegals to leave by in-forcing the laws we already have in place.  either way we need to shut the border, and shut it now. Mc Kean is with the President in the one issue that I disagree with from Bush. He wants to waist Valuable time trying to sort out and come up with a deal allowing the 12 million to stay her and totally rob our resources.  Their are no jobs that Americans wont do, They are just being done by illegals at this time. There are thousands of young adults that would do the same jobs if they were available, everyone needs some where to start. I am hoping the great people of this Country do not allow this RINO, Back stabbing Liberal wana be to get the nomination. we may as well just vote for Hillary.


Field of Dreamers

March 17, 2007

There are now three candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2008, not enough. We need a true Conservative if we intend on winning and keeping the White House. All the candidates are good in there separate strengths But none are true conservatives. Juliani is a good man but lacks social conservatism, Romney is Ok but he is way to unknown and may carry to much baggage.  Mc Kean is a looser and always will be, He is a Rino! I am praying that Ex Senator Thompson gets in the race, he would get my vote in a second. Thompson is a true conservative and speaks his mind, he fears no one and speak well about the strong conservative message. Obama, Clinton & Edwards would be no match for Thompson, they are way to Liberal for the US. We had two Liberal Presidents in the last 40 years and neither were anything less then disgrace’s to the Country. Bill BJ Clinton & Jimmy “DAH” Carter were the only democrats elected in the last 35 years and neither did anything wright.  The last decent Democrat elected to the presidency was John Kennedy in 1961. John Kennedy would be a Republican at today’s political standards.  I feel sorry for The three Liberal Demo-Craps running at this time and they remind me of a great joke i heard just recently.  It goes like this.

Hillary Clinto, Barack Obama & John Edwards are flying to a debate on the same private flight. Obama states: I can make one person very happy right now by dropping a $1000 bill out the window, Clinton replies by saying I can make 10 people very happy by dropping 10 $100 bills out the window, Edwards then replies by saying I can make 1000 people happy by dropping 1000 $1.00 bills out the window. Well the Pilot was listening and rolled his eyes and said. I can make 156 million people very happy by throwing those three losers out  the window. 

I truly feel that when push comes to shuv we will elect a Reagan es Conservative in 2008, If only one will throw his hat in the race. I would be thrilled with a Fred Thompson & Condalisa Rice ticket.